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Hypnotherapy Worthing

They contain many different approaches and techniques

Solution orientated/focussed therapies

Are based on Now and How a particular problem (behaviour) manifests itself. By altering the process and developing more positive resources, the presenting problem is released. NO Analysing or reliving past memories or traumas is involved.


A full time Consultant ‘Solution Orientated’ Therapist , Proactive counseller & life coach since 1988 He is a Fully Qualified Master Practitioner of ‘Ericksonian’ Hypnotherapy, and ‘Time Line’ Therapy. Master practitioner & trainer of NLP. (Neuro Linguistic Programming ) Qualified in Mind/Body healing techniques such as Meta medicine, Pain control (Hypnoesitherapy), EFT (Emotional freedom therapy), and TDNA (Theta DNA healing )


And REIKI Master/Teacher.


Angus works on empowering his clients to move forward to more resourceful outcomes rather than digging around the past looking for theories of ‘why’ the problem exists. Our brains operate incredibly quickly, so can positive change be equally fast and gentle.


STOPPING SMOKING Angus has developed a highly successful & comprehensive 3 session course; all in the same week. No willpower needed or withdrawal symptoms suffered!


If required, an initial brief meeting can be arranged prior to the first session. There is NO charge for this.